Andorra La Vella

    Loved by many ski resort of Andorra la Vella – the capital of the principality of Andorra and the largest city in the country . It is small but very nice and cozy town , to join him previously independent villages of Escaldes Engordany and Santa Kolomna . Located at the confluence of three rivers – Gran Valira , Valira del Oriente and Valira del Norte – Andorra La Vella seems to dwarf background stunning beauty of the mountains with their snow-capped peaks . These giants height of almost 2,500 meters , covered with thick forest and surrounding Andorra la Vella from all sides , give a picturesque and peaceful views of even the busiest shopping street. And sometimes it seems that they whisper : “Rise up and enjoy the beautiful views from our height ! “.
The city’s location in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level gives Andorra La Vella mild climate . Even in the winter in the mountain valleys can see colorful pansies peeking out of the snow blanket. Local air zhivitelen and cool. The wind here is not as penetrating and devastating as the harsh winter in the big city , but nice relaxing and allows you to feel comfortable .
Wander through the capital – a real pleasure ! Right through the center of the city runs the river fun , originating somewhere in the snowy mountains . Old City was the real heart of Andorra la Vella at a time when it was less than the village. Here, all imbued with the atmosphere of cobblestone streets and view can not be separated from the old stone houses.
Along the narrow cobbled streets in the old quarters of Andorra la Vella are many beautiful medieval buildings . Among them stand built in the XI century church of St. Andrew and St. Stephen’s with paintings of the XIII century . Be sure to visit the “House in the Valley “, which since 1702 operates parliament Andorra. Built as a house in 1580 , today this building is the most comfortable of the parliament building in the world. Here you see room for guests , a kitchen with antique utensils and hall of the General Council , which held hearings , and in the famous cabinet seven locks store your most important documents . Do not deny yourself the pleasure to walk around the huge Plaza del Poble , evenings where the audience is going to theater performances and concerts , and where every July jazz festival passes .
Endless storefronts – from small shops of local artisans to boutiques world’s leading designers are fascinating and delicious smells wafting from restaurants evoke an incredible appetite. Clubs and discos of the city are open till early morning .
Comfortable Hotels Andorra la Vella offer the highest level of service. Access to nearby ski areas of any hotel can be 15-20 minutes .
Enjoy stunning , breathtaking descents , you can relax in the thermal wellness center «Caldea», located in the suburbs of the capital – Escaldes .

Natal – a favorite vacation spot

 Natal . The name of the city translates from Portuguese as ” Christmas “, in memory of the fact that the Portuguese colonists founded the city of 25 December 1599 . Natal – the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, located in the north- eastern Brazilian coast and is the closest point to Africa, the South American continent.
Natal today – it’s the standard of living , comfort, and other parameters of a modern metropolis , but it retains a unique charm of colonial times. In the local culture have left their traces Indians , the French , the Portuguese and the Dutch, which of course is reflected in the character of the local population . This is a friendly and very hospitable people .
The northeast of Brazil is famous for the most valuable archaeological finds , especially the prehistoric cave paintings .
Of Natal is very convenient to get to the most interesting places and cities in the region – Joao Pessoa, Fernando de Noronha , Olinda, Recife and Fortaleza.
The sun shines constantly in Natal , not by chance that one of his name – “the city of the sun” . Local beaches – some of the most beautiful in Brazil , and even the city is famous amazingly beautiful coral reefs, sand dunes and lakes.
The basis of the local cuisine – seafood, dried meats and exotic fruits .
Tourists here will survive the many unique adventures – surfing, safari walks through the dunes on the open jeep , boat trips and much more.
Ponta Negra – the famous beach , is known for the amazing clarity of water , golden sand and the highest dune north- east of Brazil – Morro do Careca “(” Bald Head ” ) .
Ponta Negra is recognized as the real center of all the nightlife of Natal . It focused a lot of bars, restaurants, discos and hotels.
The place where the spirit lives on rest and freedom, and is especially easy to make new local stores znakomstva.V great Western-style clothes sold at such ridiculous prices that it is unlikely anyone will believe without seeing firsthand.
Marakazhau – a real ” anthill ” divers of all nationalities. There and then pass amateur divers festivals , and children , while the adults are busy, do not get bored , having fun in the water park , crashed on the shore.

Visit Baikal – Eco tourism


Experts estimate that tourism vacation on Lake Baikal is the most popular in Russia . Tours to Baikal each year attracts more and more tourists not only from Russia , but also around the world. Baikal region with its unique pristine nature is favorable for the development of tourism and inexhaustible for new unique travel. Miraculous , mysterious way Baikal holiday affects the souls of the people immensely endowing them with his positive energy and helps restore strength and peace of mind.

Baikal – the lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia , the deepest lake on the planet Earth , the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. The maximum depth of the lake – 1642 meters. Local residents and many in Russia are traditionally called Baikal Sea.

Tours to Baikal introduce you to this unique lake and coastal areas , featuring a unique variety of flora and fauna. Vivid memories of staying at Lake Baikal over the years do not fade , and a magnet to return to its shores . Maybe someday scientists will be able to explain the mysterious nature of human impact on Lake Baikal .
Unique: Tours to Baikal , mostly committed in the summer, but there are fans of winter recreation on the lake, who wish to see the harsh Siberian winter and transparent Baikal ice . Visit Baikal is unique in its tourist potential for a wide variety of travel at any time of the year . Very popular active tours on Lake Baikal. Winter – the lake on boats hovercrafts, ice skating, dog sledding, snowmobiling, summer – sailing on yachts or boats , on horseback or by jeep along the coast. Baikal striking beauty , rich flora and fauna, its uniqueness . It is estimated that 60 % of the 2,630 species of animals and plants found in the lake, not found anywhere else in the world.
Recreation on the lake attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all parts of Russia and many countries of the world. After all, in the world there are not too many places , so suitable for eco -tourism and recreation in natural surroundings.

If you think about it, you can see that the word “rest” each of the people understands completely different . However, here you can find almost any opportunities for tourism, as well as the most interesting excursions – Lake Baikal offers a variety of leisure activities. Visit Baikal can be very interesting and varied , if not “sit” in one place, move , alternating between different types of recreation.

When planning your vacation at the lake, you need to take into account the characteristics that distinguish tours to Lake Baikal from traveling to other countries and regions of Russia . The main goal for many tourists – see Baikal – is realized in different ways : it is possible to live in a hotel or at a camp site on the shore of Lake Baikal, and from there make one – or multi-day trips on Lake Baikal , you can take a boat and take a cruise on Lake Baikal , sleeping and eating right on aboard the ship, and can actively relax on the lake, after having walked for its picturesque shores or having been engaged in this pastime , such as fishing on Lake Baikal. Each of these options has its supporters and detractors : there are no good or bad , there are those that fit one , and not very satisfied with the others. Visit Baikal is different because it provides a lot of opportunities and places for different types of tourism , only those places are at a great distance from each other, so it is very difficult to “try” all the time , if you do not intend to spend half of their holiday in crossings . We advise you to think in advance about the proper method for you hanging out on vacation, and, from it , make a round trip to Lake Baikal . Numerous bays and coves of the Small Sea , Chivyrkuyskogo and Barguzinsky bays suitable for a leisurely beach holiday , water sports and fishing on Lake Baikal. But the well-known island Olkhon will please more fans of excursions on Lake Baikal , and various outdoor activities on Lake Baikal. Listvyanka , which for many tourists becomes a place of first introduction to the lake, is more suitable for walks and tours with accommodation in comfortable well-appointed hotels. Natural treasures Tunkinskaya Valley , starting in the south of Lake Baikal and stretching to the border with Mongolia , like sporting activities and therapeutic hot springs. And this is just the basic , the most famous tourist areas on the lake, offering beach holidays and trips on the lake, as well as a variety of activities , such as hiking or fishing on Lake Baikal. Between these areas stretch hundreds of kilometers of coasts of the lake, the overcoming of which takes more than one hour , or even a day , water or ground transportation.

“Baikal is learned in motion! “. For a short period of time can not be seen and to know the whole Baikal , it is necessary to return again and again to the shores of our famous lakes that each time discovering something new in the infinity of the multifaceted concept of ” Baikal holiday !”

Crimean Caves : Cave Skelsky

Description Skelsky cave
General Characteristics
Skelsky cave is a unique nature reserve. It was formed as a thick- Upper Jurassic limestones by tectonic fault and actions of groundwater in fractured limestone rocks. As a result, the upper part of the roof collapsed , creating a huge hall 80m long , wandering formations subsequently divided into several rooms with high arches from 10 to 25 meters ( photos ) .

In the ” neutral zone ” excursion of the cave (upper hall ) background temperature is 11.8 0 C. The relative humidity 98-100 %. At the bottom of the cave , where the maze of wells filled with water , the air temperature is reduced to 10-110 , due to the influence of the water flow with the water temperature 9,8-10,00 .

underground fauna
The cave discovered rich location vertebrate Holocene ( post-glacial ) age and abundant speleofauna . The richness and originality of fauna cavity is in second place in the Crimea after the Red cave.
According to specialists Skelsky cave a few million years. In 1960, cavers discovered the fossil remains are 13 species of animals , including the saiga antelope , wild cat – extinct now not living in the Crimea

. What could be better than to spend leisure time in nature ? What can replace the fresh air , kebabs, birds singing , and just an incredible feeling of freedom and happiness ? Of course, an alternative to outdoor recreation not!

Speleoturistichesky komples ” Skelskie CAVE “, which are equipped with a place to stay in shady woods and on the sunny clearings at any time ready to receive guests. For you cozy gazebo with tables and a grill . Free use of the toilet. You can purchase on-site wood or coal and water.
But remember, in the protected areas (which include ” Skelskie CAVE “) can be placed only in designated places , you can not kindle a fire in the open does not set the field ( you can grill ) , dig , and more. Violation of the rules you can even be fined . But the rules of conduct here are not much different from the generally accepted standards of behavior at all. Therefore, they are easy to observe .
The territory has 11 furnished vacation spots where you can stay with your family or invite friends to gather a great company : Here your children can play in the forest clearings , and you take a break from the city worries , you can put the camp and stay with an overnight stay, so relaxing to continue the march on tourist routes: by ancient Roman road through the Shaitan- Merdven on the Southern Coast of Crimea , or the Besh- streamed on the Ai -Petri.

So come , choose a place to stay and arrange a picnic . Good luck !


Hungary – is a country located in Central Europe. Most of the country – it is plain in the north – the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in the west – the foothills of the Alps. The main advantages of vacation in Hungary is low cost and interesting sightseeing tours, delicious cuisine, world-famous wine, and most importantly, the opportunity to improve their health spas. Plus it’s a good service at a high level.

There are more than 150 mineral springs, especially popular hot lake of Heviz, a number of spa resorts and a huge number of historical attractions – map of Hungary is literally riddled with the names of places worth visiting. In Hungary you can watch the neighbor monuments of the Roman Empire and the construction period of Turkish rule, a unique combination of Romanesque churches and medieval castles with sumptuous palaces.

Over the past few decades, the country Hungary has become one of the leading countries in the field of business travel. Achieve such results possible thanks to the ever-expanding tourism infrastructure – many of Hungary are ready to discerning travelers. For tourists and visitors magnificent hotels, hotels, conference rooms, you can rent a small castle to stay at the guest house, all of this makes it possible not only to rest comfortably, but also organize various activities in ideal and unusual circumstances.

Budapest – Hungary’s capital, here collected a lot of museums, galleries, collections, and public meetings. In warmer months, a museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, all day, and in winter, while the cut.

In Budapest, there are many museums, but released a few basic: Hungarian National Museum, where the huge collection of exhibits Magyar history, art museum, the National Museum of Natural History, Ethnography Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts.

Guests are encouraged to visit the museum of the Castle District: Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum Ludwig, the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Military History. Also worthy of special attention museums the city park, which includes the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Transportation, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Hungarian Natural History Museum.

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday in a quiet and comfortable place, a holiday in Hungary, in the hilly region Cherhatale for you. Castle – Hotel Feneharast-let is surrounded by huge old park with an area of ​​13 hectares. The park is a special swimming pool and a small “splash” for children. Of sports entertainment is available tennis courts, a ball game, you can do biking or horseback riding.

One of the popular places for excursions became Tata, which is located 70 km from the capital. Located close to the mountains you can meet a lot of wildlife. Also, these places are famous for water-rich karst springs and oldest lake, fed by the waters of Alta. These places are full of fish and is a favorite spot for fishermen. Another area is chic Gothic castle regular quadrangular shape.

The most beautiful and the largest castle of the country is considered castle, which is located at 192 kilometers from Budapest in Ferted. The ensemble of the castle is often referred to as “Hungarian Versailles”. Originally decorated the walls, stone carving and great taste – all point to the wealth of the Esterházy family, the owners of this amazing castle.

Among the famous monuments in Hungary to provide a palace complex in the capital with a Gothic church in Buda, the Parliament building, built in 1896 in Pest, the spiers and pendants, which occupies a large part of the urban panorama of Pest. Many cathedrals and some date back to the eleventh century, church, temple, two Turkish mosques, palaces and many other attractions that will impress visitors.

In addition, an important place among the attractions of Hungary occupied by Lake Balaton Lake Tisza. Lake Balaton is the largest in the country, and Lake Tisza was created by man and is so unique that the county can see a large number of guest houses and hotels offering holidays for tourists. All this ends splendor of unspoiled nature, which charms and fascinates eye.


Cuba – one of the most exciting, alluring, its history, exotic and special flavor of the country. – Cuba is an archipelago located in the Caribbean. It is composed of large islands except Cuba, which is the seventh largest in the world, includes many smaller islands. The total area of ​​the country’s 110,922 square meters. km., live on it more than 11 million inhabitants.

Cuba opened in 1492, Columbus, to the end of the 19th century it was considered a Spanish colony. In 1868, the territory was occupied by the Americans, and only gained independence in 1959. This history of the country of Cuba led to the fact that its monuments has combined several styles. UNESCO has recognized the many attractions of cultural heritage, including the oldest fort of America – Fuersa Castle, a fortress that protected the harbor from pirates, La Punta and Moreau city museums Trinidad with its ruins of a sugar factory last century.

On the island of 330 sunny days a year, with average summer temperatures of 33 degrees in the winter – 27. Clearly expressed two seasons: October-May (dry) and June-September (wet). In the rainy season (March-April and October-November) regularly every 2-3 days is usually the afternoon rains, but they are very short-lived and not a barrier to a beach holiday. Average water temperature according to the season ranges from 23 to 26 degrees. All this allows tourists throughout the year to enjoy your vacation.

One of Cuba’s most famous attractions – its seaside resorts. Length of the coastline of the archipelago of more than 6,000 kilometers, which can spread out here three hundred beautiful beaches. The most famous beach resort – Varadero, whose beaches are considered to be the cleanest in the world. Lovers of outdoor activities Water sports: diving, sailing and fishing. The unique underwater world of exotic animals here attracts travelers all over the world. At sea, 900 species of fish inhabit almost all of them are edible. In addition to Varadero, where there are about two dozen diving schools and the famous Cayo Pedra del Norte – Underwater Park, a popular diving spot Faro Luna, there are plenty of wrecks. Cuba is also famous for the complete absence of the land and in the water of dangerous animals to humans.

The official currency in Cuba two: non-convertible pesos (for citizens) and convertible (for foreigners) – have the inscription “convertible”. With a better to take euros and U.S. dollars, but the exchange of the latest surcharge. Only need to change the currency in exchange offices. Resist entreaties to make the exchange the other way. You can use credit cards, provided that they are not issued by U.S. banks. Tipping can be given as the local currency and in dollars and euros.

While in Cuba, it is difficult to do without a car. There are a number of companies that provide services for rental cars, but the cost of rent is high enough (from $ 60). If you plan trips to the beach, a trip to the coast, is to rent a jeep. License plates in Cuba have different colors: black – diplomatic car, yellow – private, brown – travel, there are still blue and red. Tourist police almost touching, so driving a rental car can be up almost everything. In addition, vehicles with diplomatic plates and tourism have certain concessions, for example, can park in the wrong places. Often locals offer pokaraulit car, it is natural for a fee (1 euro). The experience of many tourists shows that this is a more economical option than to find when returning punctured tires or scratched inscription.

To stay for 30 days in Cuba, Russia and CIS citizens no visa is required. Import and export of foreign currency can be unlimited. With Cuba in the form of souvenirs you can bring pins and bracelets of tortoise shell, black coral jewelry, musical percussion instruments – bongos tumbadora or a shirt that fits officials in the tropics – the guayabera. Buying products from crocodile skin, need to take a license to export, or the customs confiscate them. Of course, one can not forget the legendary Cuban rum and cigars.

Do not buy cigars from people selling them on the street. Those wishing to become a spectator of all tobacco technology should visit the western province of the country – Pinar del Rio. There is the Museum of tobacco factory “Francisco Donatien” which produced one of the best quality in the world tobacco. Allowed out of the country in the amount of cigars $ 2000, if there is a check. Prohibited to be exported sea shells, precious metals, and exotic songbirds, their feathers and objects as a national treasure of the country of Cuba. Below you will see the beauty of Cuba.


Bermuda – how much of this word for a Russian tourist! Many people dream of traveling to Bermuda, and some even have great pleasure in going there. So what is the difference between these islands from others and why stay here forever remembered!

Bermuda consists of more than 150 islands and reefs are successful crossing shipping lanes, and very close to nine hundred miles from the North America. Historically, Bermuda belong to the so-called British Overseas Territories, which explains the fact that the first inhabitants were the British back in 1609, although the Spaniards discovered the islands. Complicated story, by the way, secrets and incredible stories here suffice: the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Above are a few Bermuda Railway airlines and frequent unexplained disaster in the air and at sea. But the tourists to these places do not swim resting enough paradise on 150 islands.

Weather in Bermuda is pleased with their stability and plenty of sunny days, offered to travelers at any time of year. The average annual temperature is 24 C and in the winter months is different high humidity, and in the summer – light winds from the sea. The mild subtropical climate allows for year-round tourist rest actively playing sports, tennis, golf on open natural areas.
The most beautiful sunsets and sunrises can be seen from the coastlines of Bermuda for the reason that all the islands with small areas and celestial light can be seen from all sides.

The population of all the islands, almost 70 thousand people, and vacationers offers ten times more, and so virtually the entire economy is related to the tourist industry, but also the development of agriculture sector and industry – pharmaceutical and shipbuilding. Of course, the locals fish, breeding livestock, grow flowers and vegetables for export to other countries. Bermuda attract not only people here want to bask in the sun, but also due to lack of business taxes in the transactions by foreign companies.

The islands are beautiful sandy beaches and many small coves, subtropical nature pleases bright shrubs, exotic trees and unusual colors. To be sure, the rivers, lakes and other water bodies in the islands almost none. Pink sand and turquoise sea – the main thing that remains at the heart of the tourists.
Of course, Bermuda is something to see, what to admire and thus learn more about the country and the people who created a paradise on earth.


Bermuda is famous for its national parks and gardens, endless trails for hiking and biking, unusual museums and art galleries, national holidays and carnivals. Awesome trip to meet with the Dolphins await tourists at any time of the year and will give energy and good mood. Local craftsmen create works of applied art and in every city there is a market where artisans sell their crafts as a gift and utilitarian items.

Cathedrals, churches, city buildings affect the severity and the southern beauty, old buildings reminiscent of the glorious historical event, which is full of the history of Bermuda. Many castles were built in the last century, and there are still in excellent condition and are the pride of the islanders.

Those tourists who come to Bermuda in March and April, be sure to have the luck to see the whales migrating along the southern coast.

Bermuda has a huge number of hotels of different “star”, and for a variety of prices. I must say that Americans love to rest on these islands make up statistics 90% of all incoming tourists. Hotels provide all the services, including food, which can be varied at will and tourists include the preferred national food of any nation in the world. But guests Bermuda with great pleasure enjoy the local cuisine, rich in fish and vegetable dishes, exotic fruits.

You can tell much about this island paradise, pink sand, turquoise sea, hospitable people, beautiful white towns with ancient castles, amazing sunsets and sunrises, but to see it with my own eyes – much more interesting and surprising. Burmudy – a paradise for those who like long-distance travel and ready to extraordinary discoveries!


Not everyone knows what Anguilla. But every tourist’s useful to know that Anguilla – a paradise for leisure. Island in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is part of the Lesser Antilles. Bays with beaches of white coral sand, sheltered by coral reefs. Turquoise lagoons and constant heat with a temperature of 20 to 27 degrees, softened by northeast trade winds, that’s what the island of Anguilla.
If you delve into the history, the island was like a challenge flag. It was originally inhabited by Arawak, then he took the Spaniard. All the locals, as was usual in those days, were slaves.

Due to the fact that the island of Anguilla – a coral island with poor soils, to the Spanish interest he never imagined. After the Spanish, the island becomes a British colony. Residents tried growing tobacco and cotton, but the income from this activity were zero. Sugar cane, so it was a waste of time. Since sugar cane grown by slaves from Africa, the vast majority of the people of Anguilla are Africans. This state of affairs persists today. Tried to capture the island and the French, but their attempts were repulsed.

In 1967, Anguilla, Nevis and St. Kitts joined the Federation and became associated with the UK government. Like all small states Anguilla tried to become independent, but all attempts were suppressed. Today, it is the overseas possessions of Great Britain with his inner self, so the legal system is the same as in England.

Having gone through so many conquerors, the island famous for its great variety of religious cultures and ethnic groups. Valley – the capital and only city in Anguilla. A number of historic buildings and alleys, that’s all what is in this small town. The oldest building and the church at the same time – Uollbleyk House. Feature of this structure – the pediment, open and designed for the ship. There is also the National Trust Museum, the collections are updated constantly. Should look into the fishing village of Island Harbour. Its peculiarity of identity and commitment to simple ways of fishing. Everyone can participate in this simple craft. But the Arawak natives left a wonderful characters on the rocks and in the caves, they also worth a look.

But how can even relax on Anguilla after examining the cultural program? The island is an elite resort and on a level equivalent to the French Riviera resorts. Excellent service and exclusive conditions attract celebrities. Anguilla is very popular with boaters, boundless sea is a great place to participate in the sailing regatta. Big regattas are held in the first week of August, during the carnival or the summer festival. And of course, what the sea without diving, windsurfing and other sports. View coral reefs can just snorkeling.

Since the flooded ships around there, especially for vacationers artificially created the right atmosphere, sank many ships. They are located at a depth of 13-20 meters. All dives and penetration for such facilities are completely safe. Coral reefs are rich in marine life, enjoy vivid and diverse marine life will leave vivid memories. One of the best dive sites are: Marine Park Stoney Ground and Bay Harbor. For lovers of natural tan in each area of ​​the body is a nude beach.

For those wishing to improve their health holiday in Anguilla will be very useful. The high degree of salinity lakes spa helps with diseases of the respiratory organs and restores system.
About 70 restaurants in Anguilla are famous for its exquisite culinary creations, generally considered the capital of the island of the Caribbean Sea in culinary terms. Payment service waiters included in the bill, so to leave a tip is not necessary.

All times are in Anguilla – minus 7 hours. Language – English and the currency – the Eastern Caribbean dollar. Restrictions on the importation or exportation of currency available. If the export of gold, a declaration is required. In general holiday on the island of Anguilla is perfect lovers of the sea and beach holidays.


Barbados – a country in the West Indies in Barbados, part of a group of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. It is 300 miles (480 km) from the northern coast of South America and in 1600 miles (2575 kilometers) southeast of Miami, Florida, and is adjacent to the islands of Santa Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago . The length of the island from north to south and 34 km, maximum width – 23 km. Shoreline length – 97 km. Area – 431 square kilometers

The beaches on the “Platinum Coast”, coral reefs, wineries with antique recipe rum production, traditional carnivals. For the majority of tourists visiting the island, Barbados – a paradise on earth. Caressing sun and warm sea, endless beaches and green fields, abundant historical sites associated with the settlement of the islands by Europeans, and especially the heyday of piracy, cultural and sporting events, make this island a priceless jewel in the crown of the Caribbean islands.
Known around the world as “Little England”, the island has absorbed the traditions of British Empire – from the famous afternoon tea supplied in many hotels to the islanders love to golf, polo and cricket. Today, Barbados – one of the most developed Caribbean islands with high living standards and extensive tourism infrastructure
Barbados is proud of its tradition of wedding ceremonies – are recorded marriages of citizens of all countries. Hold a wedding ceremony in Barbados is considered very prestigious “event” with people of different social strata. Secluded coves and beautiful beaches of pink sand, special bridal suite in most hotels, a lot of fun making it an ideal place for a honeymoon.
On the island a large number of nature reserves, where the wild preserved unique species of tropical plants and animals.
Each year at the Barbados Jazz Festival is held the largest gathering of famous jazz musicians from around the world.
Bridgetown – one of the major free ports in the Caribbean. Here are the seat of government and major corporate offices. In the center of the city is Trafalgar Square with the monument raised by the British in honor of Lord Nelson. With an area overlooking the picturesque harbor Kerineydzh.
The main shopping area of ​​the city is located on Broad Street, which starts at Trafalgar Square. To the east of Trafalgar Square is the Cathedral of St. Michael, in which he prayed American President George Washington during his only trip outside the United States in 1751 through the harbor spanned by two bridges – Chamberlain Bridge and Charles O’Neal Bridge, which leads to the two main urban markets – Fairchild Market and Cheapside Market.
A mile south of Bridgetown, Barbados Museum is located to the east of the Cathedral of St. Michael is Queen’s Park, which is growing baobab, whose age – 10 centuries. The park is a theater (in the past – the residence of the commander of the British forces) – “Queens Park House.”
The main historical and cultural values ​​are concentrated in the Barbados Museum. At the same time it is also a research center on the basis of which the Historical Society. The museum’s research library has rare materials of the West Indies: books, maps, manuscripts and archival documents (from the XVII century.) Foundation Library has 159,000 volumes.
The best way to see the sights of the island – to buy special tourist passport (Heritage Barbados Passport, cost – $ 35, the passport holder can accompany free two children under 12), which allows you to visit 16 major museums, natural and architectural monuments from 50% discount. This botanical gardens, “Andromeda”, Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill, St. Nicholas Abbey, plantation home, “FRANCE”, the village museum, Harrison Cave, tropical forest in the ravine “Uelshmen Hull”, signal station in the forest “Greneyd Hull” and the Gun Hill zoo, Kordington college, museum equipment for the sugar industry and the Barbados Museum, monuments of colonial architecture “Outerson House”, “Sanberi House” and the Barbados synagogue.
Along with art exhibitions in the museum, art Barbadian artists can be seen at several art galleries in Bridgetown – Studio Art Gallery exhibits the work of local artists, such as the painting of Raphael Altman, founded the National Cultural Organization “Queens Park Gelleri” is the largest on the island and holds monthly exhibitions, art salon “Artvorks” sells handmade art objects: dishes, jewelry, watercolors and prints, which is popular with tourists.
The legacy of the colonial past Barbados got luxury villas, each of which – a monument of architecture and design Villa “Mango Bay”, recently renovated villa “Harbour Eugenia,” a plantation villa Springhed. One of the most beautiful villas that once belonged to Sir Anthony Eden assumed converted into a luxury hotel.
As Barbados is a unique place for summer sports, received widespread cricket and football, as well as water activities: sailing, water skiing, sport fishing, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving. On the island of wonderful opportunities for riding, for the game of lawn tennis, golf and squash.

Maldivckie Islands

Maldivckie Islands
Maldives is located 700 km south-west of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Maldives include 1200 islands and only 200 of them are inhabited.

Maldivckie island well known for its resorts, each of which – it is your own unique world, surrounded by pristine golden sands. It is ideal for diving and exploring the underwater world. Numerous coral caves stretch around the Maldive islands and lush tropical vegetation creates a pristine and unique beauty of the islands.

The state capital – Male. The name “Maldives” derives from the Hindu word “mahal” (Palace) and “diva” (Island).

In the XII century the population of the islands has adopted Islam, which is the state religion until today. Maldives maintained their independence, despite the attempts of colonization until 1887 (except for a brief 16 years of Portuguese rule in the XVI century).

In 1887, the Maldives, is still ruled by hereditary sultans, signed an agreement and became a British protectorate. Full independence of Maldives was restored in 1965. November 11, 1968 declared the Republic of Maldives (previously termed the Sultanate).

In the Maldives, widely developed tourism, and more lovers of untouched exotic nature come here every year. Despite all the “wildness” of nature, the service in the Maldives is at a very high level. There are many small hotels, the service which corresponds to the five and four star level.

Excellent local cuisine offers a wide range of exotic dishes, but the Conservatives will find restaurants and traditional European cuisine

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